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Alexander Gromeier


  • Rabbit School (early 2017): Composer's Assistent and co-writing the cue Emmi and Max
  • neoManiacs (early 2017): Additional Music for the ZDF comedy series
  • Raven - The little Rascal (Series / 52 Episodes) (late 2015 - early 2017):
    Composer's Assistent for Music Editing, Midi-Orchestration, Template Setup, Music lists and additional Music
  • Paradision's EP (mid 2016): String Arrangements and Midi-Mockups
  • Haudegen (mid 2016): Midi-Mockups for String Arrangements
  • In Winter so beautiful (late 2015): Film-Music, Music-Production, Audio-Restoration and Film-Sound
  • Krentz Photography Teaser (late 2015): Original Composition, Midi-Mockup and Music-Production
  • Paradision's Shepherd Single (mid 2015): String Arrangement, Midi-Mockup and Music-Production
  • Pro Sense 4.0 Commercial (mid 2015): Original Composition, Midi-Mockup, Music-Production and Film-Sound
  • The Draftsman (early 2015): Film-Music, Music-Production, Audio-Restoration and Film-Sound
  • musicube-academy (early 2015): Starting career as a docent
  • Unbreakaboy (2014): Film-Score and Songs for four promo scenes
  • The Messenger Game (early 2014): Music for JuBa-Films' new shortfilm on YouTube
  • Internship (late 2013): Assistant to Mr. Alex Komlew on projects like Landauer, Raven the little Rascal - The Big Race or Alex Diehl
  • Gelders Goed Festival in Ede’s CineMec (mid 2013): Two Compositions (De Rijn van Lobith tot aan zee part 4, Earth) written for the Geldersorkest
  • L'Elue (early 2013): Piece for the Stravinsky project broadcasted on the Dutch tv channel VPRO